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Acebil PDII-CH8SC-Pro Pedestal with CH8(F) Head / D-9 Directional Dolly / and Cases

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The Acebil PD3800 Pro Pedestal with CH8(F) Head / D-9 Directional Dolly / and Cases is a complete high performance adjustable air pressure pedestal, head, and dolly system that sets up with ease in minutes. Just unfold the pedestal legs onto the dolly, attach the head atop, and you’re ready to go. The head features a 100mm ball mount and a sliding camera plate, and it supports a payload of 25kg / 55lb. The pedestal is built with an adjustable air pressure column for versitile, consistent reliability and with a column lock knob on the middle spreader to provide you with secure stabilization for extensive shooting. The head comes equipped with an 8 step counter balance system and with pan and tilt drag functions that employ a simple 0 + 6 step change system for selecting torque. Extendable pan bars and rubber grips help perform smooth and precise camera movements, and an illuminated LED leveling bubble allows for efficient camera set-ups.



  • 100mm ball
  • Adjustable Air Pressure Column
  • Supports loads up to 25kg / 55lb
  • Max Height 73.5in / 187cm
  • Min Height 45in / 116cm
  • Equipped with an 8 step counterbalance system



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