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Acebil AS-1- Zoom Remote Controller

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The Acebil AS-1 Zoom Remote Controller for Panasonic, Sony and LANC cameras enables remote zoom control for Panasonic, Sony and LANC cameras as well as Fujinon and Canon ENG lenses. It mounts on your tripods pan bar using an included clamp bracket and features selector switches for zoom direction and zoom speed (Slow / Fast)



  • Full Zoom Speed Control
  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • Panasonic, Sony, LANC, Fujinon ENG, Canon ENG


Acebil AS-1 Pro Specs

Control Features Zoom Control
Compatible Cameras Panasonic LANC Cameras
Sony LANC Cameras
Fujinon ENG Lenses
Canon ENG Lenses
Control Input 1 x 8-Pin (LANC / Canon Lens / Sony EX / Panasonic Cam Remote)
1 x 12-Pin (Fujinon Lens)
Attachment Method ARRI/Hirth Rosette
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