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3Dconnexion 3DX-700119- SpaceMouse Pro Wireless – Bluetooth Edition

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SpaceMouse® Pro Wireless – BLUETOOTH® Edition is the optimal tool for the modern, mobile 3D/CAD workstation.


Designed for advanced 3D navigation and well-suited for engineering workspaces, the SpaceMouse Pro Wireless (Bluetooth Edition) from 3Dconnexion is well-suited for reviewing 3D drawings with colleagues or presenting ideas during a meeting. The SpaceMouse Wireless Pro combines a patented 6-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) sensor with 2.4 GHz wireless technology, a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to a month, and a USB-C to USB-A cable that allows the SpaceMouse Wireless Pro to recharge and be used as a wired mouse. Also included is a USB-A universal receiver for Bluetooth connectivity and a carry case.


Controller Cap
The Controller Cap is the heart of your SpaceMouse Pro Wireless. Its Six-Degrees-of-Freedom (6DoF) sensor allows you to push, pull, rotate, or tilt to pan, zoom and rotate your drawings and 3D models. The SpaceMouse has different motion profiles depending on the application you are using. In Object Mode applications the 3D navigation behaves as if you were reaching into the screen and holding the object in your own hand. In Fly Mode applications, the navigation behaves like a flying camera you are viewing through. For many applications, you can adjust this behavior in the Advanced Settings of your SpaceMouse Pro Wireless.
Menu Button
The Menu Button allows for fast and easy customization of your 3Dconnexion devices. Pressing it will take you directly to the 3Dconnexion Settings. Select the device you want to configure in the flyout window and customize it.
Fit Button
With the Fit Button, you will never lose sight of your drawing or 3D model. Press it to bring your drawing back to the center of your screen.
3Dconnexion Buttons
The SpaceMouse Pro Wireless features four additional programmable function buttons, located above the controller cap. It instantly recognizes the applications you are using, as well as their environments, and automatically assigns the most used commands to the buttons. You can personalize commands assigned to the function buttons using the 3Dconnexion Settings.
On-Screen Display
The SpaceMouse Pro Wireless offers an On-Screen Display (OSD) that shows you the current assignment of the 3Dconnexion buttons. To display the OSD of your SpaceMouse Pro Wireless, press and hold any of the 3Dconnexion Buttons. It will be displayed as long as you keep the button pressed. This function can be disabled in the 3Dconnexion Settings.
Keyboard Modifiers
The SpaceMouse Pro Wireless comes with four Keyboard Modifiers that work like the corresponding keys on your keyboard. You can personalize the commands assigned to the Keyboard Modifiers using the 3Dconnexion Settings.
QuickView Buttons
The SpaceMouse Pro Wireless features four QuickView Buttons helping you to quickly bring your drawing or 3D model into the desired view. You have the option to change the assignment of the buttons in the 3Dconnexion Settings.
Rotation Toggle Button
In the center between the QuickView Buttons is the Rotation Toggle Button. Pressing it once locks the rotation around all axes.
Pan / Zoom
Enables/disables panning of your part, assembly or drawing. Enabled by default.

Enables/disables rotation of your part, assembly or drawing. Enabled by default.

Turns on and off dominant filter axis, which when enabled restricts the pan, zoom, or rotations to a single axis.

Zoom Direction
Forward / Backward
Zoom by pushing the cap toward or away from you parallel to the desk.

Up / Down
Zoom by pulling the cap upwards or pushing the cap downwards parallel to the screen.

Use the slider to set the speed for each of the 6-Dimensions-of-Freedom individually. To reverse the direction of a movement, check the Reverse box for that movement.
Navigation Modes
Object Mode
Object Mode enables Object Mode navigation. This mode is like reaching into the screen and holding the model in your hand. Push the SpaceMouse cap left, and the model moves left. Push right and the model moves right.

Fly Mode
Fly Mode enables using the Controller Cap as if it is a flying camera. Push into the scene and the camera flies forward into the scene. Push left and the camera flies to the left (the scene moves to the right). Lift up and the camera flies up (the scene moves down). You are entering the scene as if flying around in it.

Target Camera Mode
Target Camera Mode enables Target Camera Mode navigation. Manipulate the SpaceMouse cap as if it is a target camera. Push into the scene and the camera moves forward into the scene. Push left and the camera moves to the left (the scene moves to the right). Lift up and the camera moves up (the scene moves down). When rotating the cap in any direction you willorbit around the target point (see Rotation Center below).

Drone Mode
Drone Mode enables a Fly Mode navigation but pushing the cap forward while looking down will not change the altitude of the camera.

Lock Horizon
Lock Horizon forces the horizon to be kept leveled as it currently is.

Rotation Center
Auto sets the center of rotation dynamically. When the complete model is in view, the center of volume of the whole model is used as the rotation point. When you move closer, the center of rotation will be set on an object close to your center of the view.

Use Selected Item
Use selected Item forces the rotation center to only take the currently selected objects into account.

Always Show
Always Show always visualizes the Rotation Center.

Show On Motion
Show on Motion will visualize the Rotation Center only during movement.

Hide will disable the Rotation Center visualization.

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