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Heckler Design / H601-BG

iPad Zoom Room Console / stand for Apple ipad 10.2 inch

Heckler Design / H646-BG

Wall Mount for Apple iPad 10.2 inch : Secure Wall Enclosure for iPad

Redpark T267 / T272

Gigabit + PoE Adapter with Lightning Cord for iPad

H700-BG: AV Cart Prime

Premium Quality Rolling Cart for Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

Heckler Design H725 and H726

Specifically Configured AV Cart for Amazon Corporate Use

Heckler Design H600X-BG

Enclosure / Stand for iPad

Heckler Design H605-BG

Multi Mount – Room Scheduler for iPad 10.2

Heckler Design H295-BG

iPad Kiosk – Beautiful, Secure and Tablet Floor Stands.


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In 2007, enlivened by the great tanker work areas, Dean Heckler portrayed his concept of an advanced insignificant PC work area. With the abilities of fabricators in the place where he grew up of Phoenix, the principal OneLessDesk was conceived. Initially expected just as his own work area, individuals who saw OneLessDesk requested he make more.

Today, Heckler Design has developed to a strongly tight-weave group, supporting several assembling professions all through Phoenix, Arizona. We can hardly wait to demonstrate to you what we are really going after straightaway.


We are Authorized Distributor of Heckler Design products in India. We are the only authorised distributor of Heckler Design products in India. We are supplying the products nationwide. Speedy Delivery, Best After Sales Support , Prompt Response and Quality Service, These are the four names by which people knew us in this Industry. If you are looking for a solution, Our Expert Team is ready to help and Guide you with the solution. 



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