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The one-of-a-kind device you need to satisfy all your audio and acoustics measurement requirements. Xl2 audio and acoustic analyzer is a high-performance portable device with many invaluable functions.

The all-in-one and indispensable tool for professional acousticians, live sound engineers, and installation contractors. The XL2 is a sound level meter, audio spectrum analyzer as well as speech intelligibility analyzer. It records all parameters needed to get the job done. It also presents the results in professional reports which can be visualized in any spreadsheet software.

The easy-operated handheld Xl2 audio and acoustic analyzer is one of the NTi’s most popular products. Besides being a Sound Level Meter, it is a powerful analyzer with several features that can be used for different applications such as Environmental Noise Assessment, Room and Building Acoustics, Audio Analysis, and Vibration Measurement.

In combination with different types of microphones, the Xl2 audio and acoustic analyzer can serve as a class-1 type-approved or a class-2 SLM fulfilling IEC 61672 as well as the ANSI S1.4.

Other than the mentioned advantages, the Xl2 sound level meter offers an extensive range of features including:

  • Can be used as a type 1 or type 2 SLM depending on the connected microphone.
  • Comes with software that connects the instrument to a PC for data transfer or logging.
  • The results can be visualized in any spreadsheet software.
  • Mini-SD card, 2 GB removable
  • Built-in speaker
  • Built-in real time clock

The Xl2 sound level meter offers the following default functions:

  • Sound Level Meter
  • 1/1 octave band analysis, 1/3 octave band analysis
  • Frequency Analysis
  • FFT Analysis
  • Reverberation Time RT60
  • Polarity
  • Delay Time
  • Audio Analyzer
  • Oscilloscope

This state-of-the-art acoustic analyzer also offers the following features as options:

  • Extended Acoustic Pack
  • Spectral Limits Option
  • Cinema Meter Option
  • Type Approval Option
  • Speech Intelligibility STIPA Option
  • Vibration Option
  • Data Explorer Option
  • Sound Insulation Reporter Option
  • Room Acoustics Option
  • Sound Power Reporter Option
  • Projector PRO Option
  • Remote Measurement Option
  • Noise Curves