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NTi Audio TM3 Tapping Machine-Impact Sound Insulation-On-site measurement-Laboratory measurement

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The Remote-Controlled TM3 Tapping Machine is an accurate impact noise source. In fact, NTi Audio TM3 Tapping Machine is used to assess general impacts in dwellings; which usually occur in stairs or floor of buildings.
Moreover, the NTi Audio TM3 features an inbuilt battery; that is why, it can be operated autonomously.

In brief, Tapping Machine TM3 has the following advantages:

  • Battery for 2 hours continuous operation
  • Wireless remote control
  • Light and robust
  • On-site measurement
  • Impact Sound Insulation
  • Laboratory measurement

As mentioned earlier, Remote-Controlled TM3 Tapping Machine is able to do impact sound measurements; which are in conformity with current building regulations and standards.

In addition, NTi Audio Tapping Machine TM3 guarantees accurate impact noise measurements; which are in accordance with the ISO 16283 standard.

In fact, the well-engineered lightweight and precise Tapping Machine gives many years of reliable service; and offers many features that distinguish this quality product.

Features of Tapping Machine TM3

  • No lubrication is needed for the hammers
  • For convenient check, drop height adjustment gauge is fixed on the machine
  • Remote operating through remote keyfob (provided)
  • Programmable continuous operating time (5 or 20 min)
  • Reliable remote control (315 MHz or 433 MHz)
  • Type tested by PTB Germany in conformity with ISO 10140-5

Firstly, NTi Audio TM3 is made up of an aluminum frame which has stood on three rubber feet. Besides, you may adjust the height of feet.

Secondly, NTi Audio TM3 features a a camshaft which drives five 500-grams hammers that are 10 cm apart from each other. And thirdly, NTi Audio TM3 has a lead-acid gel battery; which make you able to have a standard and optimum continuous operation of two hours. Also, there is a pushbutton that you may use it to manage the operation of NTi Audio TM3.

Besides, you may use the NTi Audio TM3 for building acoustic measurements in conformity with ISO 16283-2; ISO 10140-3/-4/-5, ISO 717-2, ISO 140-6/-7/-8, ASTM E492, ASTM E1007 and DIN 52210-6.

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