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The TalkBox Acoustic Signal Generator is an equalized and calibrated powered loudspeaker. In fact, NTi Audio TalkBox is perfectly suited for verifying the speech intelligibility. Besides, TalkBox Acoustic Signal Generator is frequently used as reference sound source in classrooms; conference installations and lecture halls.

In fact, NTi Audio TalkBox acoustically plays back generic audio signals with maximum precision. In other words, NTi Audio TalkBox generates these signals with a sound pressure level of 60 dBA at 1 meter distance; and a perfectly flat frequency response.

Actually, in order to achieve this performance; every single Talkbox is calibrated individually. Also, the audio signals are either replayed from a memory card or from an external source via the Line-in connector.

Moreover, TalkBox Acoustic Signal Generator offers various test signals by default. And, Sine, Pink and White Noise or the standardized STIPAMale Speaker and Delay Test Chirp  are some of the examples. Furthermore, it may also replay spoken announcements or music.

Applications of NTi Audio TalkBox

In fact, the most frequent application for the TalkBox is the verification of speech intelligibility of PA-systems in public locations. And, for this purpose, TalkBox is placed in the foreseen distance to the speaker’s microphone; and the STIPA test signal is replayed.

Besides, the speech intelligibility can be verified using the TalkBox also in rooms without PA-system including classrooms and churches. For this purpose, TalkBox is mounted at the position of the speaker’s head.

In addition, a similar application is the leveling of microphones on a speaker’s desk or in a conference room; which may be easily qualified and optimized with help of the NTi Audio TalkBox.

Also, at locations where no main power is available such as the pulpit in a church; the NTi Audio TalkBox can be powered with a battery. Indeed, NTi Audio TalkBox fulfills the requirements for applications where an acoustical test signal must be reproduced precisely according to the industry standards.

In brief, NTi Audio TalkBox offers the following advantages:

  • Excellent ±1 dB flatness from 100 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Very low residual noise at high output levels
  • Calibrated output level

And of course, NTi Audio TalkBox offers distinctive features that distinguish this quality product; and make it useful for almost every application.


  • Unmatched Quality
  • Individually Equalized
  • Adjusted Output Level
  • Lombard Effect
  • Balanced Line In / Out
  • Different Test Signals
  • Mic Stand Mount
  • Remote Mute

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