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Extech RD300 Refrigerant Leak Detectors

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Durable, Accurate Refrigerant Detector with Innovative LED Worklight

Extech Marks the Spot: The Extech RD300 is an ergonomic handheld refrigerant leak detector that makes it easy and affordable for HVAC technicians to rapidly identify a refrigerant leak. The detector is compact and rugged. The gooseneck probe can access leaks in tight locations and cramped compartments such as engine bays, self-contained air conditioners/refrigeration units, etc.
Bright Ideas Help You Work Smarter: For added convenience, the probe features a bright LED worklight to illuminate dark enclosures and engine compartments. All-in-One Detection: The RD300 quickly detects all standard refrigerants — R‐22, R‐134a, R‐404a, R‐410a, and all CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs. Depending on the level of both targeted and untargeted vapors present, users can choose low, medium or high sensitivity. A 9-LED bargraph provides at-a-glance information on levels being detected.

Designed to Keep up with You: When leaks are detected, users are alerted with both audible and visual leak alarms. Audible alarms can be muted when needed for quieter job sites. When the heated diode sensor or LED worklight need replacing, they are easy to swap right on the job (“field-replaceable”) to minimize downtime when service is needed.

Who Uses the Extech RD300?

  • HVAC and Refrigerant Repair Technicians
  • Industrial Refrigerated Process Technicians
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Specialists
  • Plant Predictive Maintenance
  • Automotive & Refrigerated Transport Service Technicians
  • Cold Chain Warehouse Technicians
  • Refrigerant Makers & Distributors


.Detects all standard refrigerants using a heated
diode sensor
• LED light at probe tip (with on/off switch) for
working in dimly lit areas
• LEDs display user-selectable High/Medium/Low
levels with a sensitivity of 0.25/0.50/0.99 oz per year
• Audible and Visual alert with mute button
• Low battery indicator
• Field replaceable sensor (RD300-S) and
LED light tip (RD300-L)
• Dimensions: 7.2×2.8×1.6″ (184x70x40mm)
Weight: 10oz (280g)
• Complete with leak test bottle, 9V battery,
and protective hard carrying case