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8GHz RF Electromagnetic Field Strength Meter

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This meter is a broadband device for monitoring high-frequency radiation in the range of 10MHz to 8GHz. The non-directional electric field and high sensitivity also allow measurements of electric field strength in TEM cells and absorber rooms. The unit of measurement and the measurement types are expressed in units of electrical and magnetic field strength and power density. At high frequencies, the power density is of particular significance. It provides a measure of the power absorbed by a person exposed to the field. This power level must be kept as low as possible at high frequencies. The meter can be set to display the instantaneous value, the maximum value measured or the average value. Instantaneous and maximum value measurements are useful for orientation, e.g. when first entering an exposed area.


  • RF electromagnetic wave field strength measurements
  • Mobile phone base station antenna radiation power density measurement
  • Radiation safety level tests
  • Locating RF “Hot Spots” in the workplace or at home
  • Microwave oven leakage tests
  • RF “Electrosmog” detection
  • Wireless network (Wi-Fi) RF detection