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Extech 475044-SD High Capacity Force Gauge Datalogger

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Push/Pull measurements in lb, kg and Newton units with SD card data logging

The 475044-SD Digital Force Gauge/Datalogger date, timestamps and stores up to 2M push/pull readings on an SD card in Excel format for easy transfer to a PC. Featuring a 5 digit LCD display with peak hold. Exclusive load cell measurement transducer. Overrange, low battery and advanced function indicator. 5kg/176oz/49 Newtons measurement capacity. 0.5% basic accuracy with auto power off. Complete with SD card, tension rod, carrying case and 4 adapters (flathead, cone, chisel and hook for tension), and 6 AA batteries.

Push/Pull measurements in oz, g and Newton (475040-SD) or lbs, kg, and Newtons (475044-SD) units on dual LCD with reversable display feature to match viewing angle. Ideal for a wide variety of applications in the electronics, automotive, chemical, plastics and machinery industries.


Large dual backlit LCD with reversible
display feature to match viewing angle
• Record data on SD card (included)
• Updates reading every 0.2 seconds and
sample rate is 1 second to 9 hours
• Integrated load cell measurement transducer
• Overrange, low battery and advanced
function indication
• Zero Adjust push-button and Peak Hold switch
• Fast/slow response mode
• Complete with hook adaptor for tension, compression
adaptors (flat, cone and chisel head), 5″ extension rod,
SD memory card, 6 AA batteries and carrying case
• Model 475040-SD features 5000g, 176 oz. and
49 Newtons measurement capacity
• Model 475044-SD features 20kg, 44 lbs and
196 Newtons push/pull measurement capacity