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Extech 475044 High Capacity Force Gauge

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Push/Pull measurements in kg, lbs, oz and Newton units with ±0.5% accuracy

This professional meter, with proper care, will provide years of safe reliable service. Measure Tension or Compression (Push or Pull) to 20kg, reversible display indicates readings in grams, ounces, or newtons. This meter offers Peak Hold and a Zero function.

• Exclusive load cell measurement transducer
• Overrange, low battery and advanced function indication
• Zero Adjust push-button and Peak Hold switch
• Selectable fast/slow response
• Complete with hook adaptor for tension, compression adaptors
(flat, cone and chisel head), 5″ extension rod, 6 AA batteries
and carrying case
Two Models to choose from:
• Model 475040 features 5000g, 176 oz. and 49 Newtons
measurement capacity. Added features include Newton units,
reversible display and fast/slow response mode
• Model 475044 features 20 kg, 44 lbs and 196 Newtons
push/pull measurement capacity with same added features
as 475040
• Ideal for a wide variety of applications in the electronics,
automotive, chemical, plastics and machinery industries