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Extech 475040 Digital Force Gauge

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Measure the force applied to objects using an Extech Digital Force Gauge.

The Extech Digital Force Gauge incorporates both push and pull measurements and can take readings in a variety of different units; for instance, kilograms, ounces, pounds and Newtons. The Digital Force Gauge can take all measurements at an accuracy of +0.4%, which is very precise. The measurement range of the gauge is 176 oz., 5000 g and 49 Newtons and the gauge also offers a peak hold function, as well as a zero function.

The 475040 Gauge, amongst many other features, includes a 5 digit, 10 mm LCD with a reversible display, which is useful as it means that it can match the viewing angle. Also included is a fast and slow response rate, which users can select depending on their measurement needs. This would be an excellent tool for users who work in a variety of industries; such as, electronics, machinery, chemical, plastics or automotive industries.

Other features of the Digital Force Gauge include an exclusive load cell measurement transducer, over range function and a low battery indication, as well as an advanced function indication. The 475040 comes complete with many accessories; such as a hook adapter for tension/ compression adapters (flat, cone and chisel head), a 127 mm (5”) extension rod as well as six AA batteries and a durable case in which to carry the gauge in.

The Digital Force Gauge has been designed with simplicity in mind and with its useful features and functions is very easy to operate and view all readings. It is also a reasonable size, with the weight of the Extech Digital Force Gauge standing at 551 g and with its dimensions being 227 x 83 x 39 mm.

Accurate, AffordableCompression and Tension Force Testing
Extech’sversatile digital force gauges can be used in a diverse scope of basic compression and tension testing jobs. Whether you are testing to identify peak force readings or wider ranges of durability, Extech’s force gauges measure and display in 3 different units of measurement — grams/kilograms, ounces/pounds, or Newtons– capturing peak readings easily.

Extech’s affordable 475040 handheld digital force gauge offers an ideal testing solution for basic force testing applications up to 5kg, 176oz, 49N. Rely on the rugged gauge’s ±0.4% accuracy, load cell measurement transducer and adjustable fast/slow sampling rate. The illuminated display rotates automatically if you need to use the meter upside down. The gauge is overload rated to 200% capacity.
Whether used in a lab/product development setting or in a live factory-floor production environment, the convenience of the meter’s handheld design is complemented by mounting points that also permit fixed installation on your test stand (not supplied).

Who Uses the Extech 475040?
Extech’s digital force gauge is used in many industries: automotive, chemical, consumer products, electronics, ergonomics, medical device, pharma, plastics, product testing & packaging, and machinery industries.

Extech 475040 at-a-glance:

  • Affordable force gauge for push/pull testing
  • 3 measurement units: g, oz, N
  • 5kg, 176oz, 49N range
  • Zero & peak hold
  • Backlight, rotating display
  • Optional calibration traceable to NIST
  • 1 Year Warranty